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Our mission – great dental care for disabled persons

Every disabled person deserves dental care

Our mission is to bring excellent dental care to every person, including people in wheelchairs, severely disabled clients or homebound clients.
Dr. Alan Toporovsky

Everyone needs to go to the dentist. Period. At any age. If you a caregiver, you may have been frustrated trying to arrange dental care for disabled people. Dental care for disabled people is a right, a necessity, and an important factor contributing to overall well-being. (Read more about homebound elderly and dental care.)

Our mission – great dental care for disabled persons

Our mission is to deliver outstanding dental care to all our clients, regardless of their physical or mental health. Whether they have their own teeth, dentures, or no teeth. If they have their own teeth, if they are healthy, decayed, or broken. If their gums are ok or not. If their teeth are solid or loose. If they have dentures, if they fit well or not. If they are intact or broken. If their gums are healthy or inflamed.

Not everybody can get to the dentist

Not everybody can go to the dentist. Many people reading this know people that can’t get out of bed. You also know people who are in wheelchairs.

Take a second to think about your own dentist’s office. Can you get a wheelchair in the front door? Most of you will say no. Those of you that say yes, what next? Can you move around in the waiting area? And what about the treatment room itself? Do you want the office staff member transferring your loved out of the wheelchair into the operatory chair if there isn’t enough room for both? I bet not.

Do you have a loved one that has dementia, how well do you think they will cope with the experience of being taken to the dental office? Are you sure the dentist will be able to care for this person?


The Homeward Bound Dentist brings dental care where needed

This is why I started The Homeward Bound Dentist in 2001.

We all know people with dementia, crippling arthritis, stroke victims, MS, ALS, heart conditions, and other difficult health problems. Many people with these conditions haven’t been to the dentist for 18-24 months before these conditions debilitated them, as while these diseases were progressing, the last thing that they thought about was going to the dentist. Now, they can’t. The dentist needs to come to them. And that is what I do.

The Homeward Bound Dentist provides dental services in the home to those that can’t get to the dentist’s office. We provide a full range of services, including exams, x-rays, cleanings, fillings, extractions, crowns, dentures, and in limited cases, root canal. All in the comfort of the patients’ home.

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We provide services in the metro NYC area, including all five boroughs, Long Island, the Lower Hudson Valley, and beyond. For more information, you can reach us at 917.664.9193, or just fill out the contact form and click Send. Are you a caregiver? Reach out today. The Homeward Bound Dentist is here to help.